This declaration is submitted by Professor Chavdar Pavlov, MD, Ph.D., MScD. regarding the invention qwell collagen water. He states that the invention – beverage with collagen (concentration range: from 0.001g/L to 8.44g/L) and  additional additives is developed for satisfying various collagen needs of wide range of consumers who differ by gender, age, lifestyle and physical activity.

Collagen levels deplete naturally over time. However, by taking exogenous collagen at concentration levels with a range from 0.001g/L to 8.44g/L,we can reduce extrinsic aging and protect the collagen concentration. The given concentrations are optimal forthe collagen digestion and assimilation.When the hydration levels are not optimal, i.e. the collagen consumption is higher than the defined range, theamount of collagen must be diluted during its metabolic transformation; and when it is lower, some additional metabolic energy is needed to maintain the optimal concentration.From the pharmacokinetic point-of-view, the levels from 0.001g/L to 8.44g/L are considered the best level concentrations for the absorption processes in the intestines and for construction of endogenous collagen types.

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