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100% natural
100% sugar free
100% preservative free

“After five weeks you feel it yourself. After 8 weeks the others see it, too!”


qwell is a unique blend of Alpine natural water, hydrolyzed collagen and an optimal combination of vital minerals and vitamins.
The functional beverages qwell are developed and produced by leading specialists in a technologically advanced environment in Italy. The products are made with natural water from the Daggio spring. This spring is found in the Alps, in the land of the Muncipality of Introbio, in Northern Italy. It is one of the highest natural springs in Europe, located at an altitude of 1935 metres.


Sugar free & 5g of finest collagen.
Enjoy pure alpine water with a touch of lime.
qwell refresh – your daily refreshing health spa!


qwell was developed with considerable efforts to ensure that the most advanced scientific standards are met at any time.

contained in the hair tendons, joints & bones builds the dermis


qwell Active collagen water is a great way to activate your body. Collagen combined with natural caffeine helps build an energized metabolism for vitality during physical activity. It also helps relieve tiredness and fatigue. With increased stamina, weight management tools, and anti aging properties qwell Active will help get you to the finish line. qwell Active has a natural watermelon flavor and is 100% preservative free.


qwell Shape collagen water is specially formulated for those who want to stay in shape.
Collagen is extremely important for intensive exercising. It has a beneficial effect on the accumulation of muscle mass and the regeneration of muscles, joints and tendons. This makes qwell the perfect drink for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. qwell Shape has a new refreshing green apple flavour and it is 100% preservatives free and sugar free.


qwell Beauty collagen water contains a special formula to protect and enhance your natural beautiful looks.
Premium collagen combined with valuable vitamins and minerals will make your hair grow strong and healthy, your nails shiny, and skin smooth. qwell Beauty, the functional beverage with a delicate peach flavour and 100% preservatives free and sugar free.

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