Drinking qwell collagen water maintains the integrity of the collagen matrix because of its easily absorbable form. The additional intake of collagen compensates its accelerated loss caused by the oxidative stress and makes you feel good inside out.

Although the body produces collagen until the age of around 40, the decrease of its natural production can begin earlier. In fact the collagen-level in the skin decreases by 1 % to 1,5% every year after the age of 20! The same goes for the overall collagen level in your body. So whether you want to maintain a youthful appearance or to stay in shape or both – it is never too early or too late to start drinking qwell.

Yes, it does, but not enough. Unless you want your skin to look faded and flabby at the age of 35 and your joints to squeak, you should take early measurements. But seriously – your body needs your help! You can easily help it with qwell collagen water. Qwell was created to help compensating the natural decrease of collagen in the body and its additional loss provoked by today’s hectic lifestyle.

Qwell is made with premium quality bovine collagen Peptan ®, a brand of the global leading company Rousselot®.

No, qwell is not a food supplement. Therefore there is no age or gender directive and you cannot overdose on qwell. You can only benefit from making qwell your daily beverage.

No, qwell is absolutely allergen-free product!

Yes! All qwell ingredients are Halal certificated.

qwell is produced and bottled in Italy by Welldrinks Ltd.

Well, you should not even think about storing qwell. Instead you should drink as much of it as you can, it is good for you. If you want to store qwell please do so in a cool and dry place. Once you have opened a bottle you should keep it chilled and consume it within 24 hours.

qwell uses fructose in some of its products, which is an ingredient suitable for diabetics, as it is first metabolized in the liver and it does not increase the blood sugar. However to be sure we suggest you consult with your physician.

They can if they want to, there’s no harm. This product is suitable for all, no limitations.

That is entirely up to you! We suggest to use qwell as a perfect supplement to any skin-care routine. qwell works from the inside and provides possitive effects for the skin that will show even more if you use a nourishing cream with high UV-protection. By the way, we want to remind you that your skin will look young longer if you avoid excessive sun exposure, use less alcohol and nicotine, follow a healthy diet with little sugar and make sure to get plenty of sleep – this will help qwell to show is beneficial effects even more!

Not at all, quite the opposite! The harder you work out the more collagen you need. So your body wants qwell. Yes, you will sweat and that’s a good thing. But the collagen in qwell collagen water will stay in your body and it will do its job to improve your fitness level even more.

It is highly unlikely that drinking qwell will conflict with your medis. However to be sure we suggest you consult with your physician.