The study from Yasutaka Shigemura,  Daiki Kubomura, Yoshio Sato, Kenji Sato and provided by Rousselot®

Hydrolysed gelatin products have been developed and are referred to as collagen hydrolysates. Ingestion of collagen hydrolysate has been shown to moderate joint pain in athletes and subjects with knee osteoarthritis, as effectively as gelatin (Clark et al., 2008; Deal & Moskowitz, 1999). Both human and animal studies have reported improvements in skin condition associated with collagen hydrolysate ingestion. Matsumoto, Ohara, Itoh, Nakamura, and Takahashi (2006) suggested that daily ingestion of collagen hydrolysate increases the moisture content of the epidermis of women during winter. Zhuang, Hou, Zhao, Zhang, and Li (2009) and Tanaka, Koyama, and Nomura (2009) reported that collagen hydrolysate ingestion suppresses UV-induced skin damage in mice. In addition to these studies, Saito, Kiyose, Higuchi, Uchida, and Suzuki (2009) reported that levels of total lipids and triglycerides in rat plasma decrease after ingestion of collagen hydrolysate

Collagen hydrolysate

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