As it so often happens the qwell story, too, started out as just an idea: In 2015 a group of enthusiasts from various disciplines and countries got together to create a new kind of functional beverage.

Unlike just any other soft-drink this new beverage would deliver a real tangible benefit that would be relevant for everybody while at the same time easily accessible.

This is when the idea of collagen water was born!

It just makes a lot of sense on many levels:

Collagen being the most abundant protein in the human body is an essential building block for many bodily functions, working actively to increase fitness-levels, health and outward appearance.

To combine hydrolyzed collagen with water makes its absorption both more effective and convenient.

And hey, everybody needs to hydrate anyway, right?

So creating a collagen-water was the way to go!

Collagen + Water

Finding a name and developing a brand took some time – but turned out to be much easier than to develop the formulation of the actual product.
So to call it qwell collagen water was one thing. To actually produce it was an entire different story! A lot of research and testing went under way until finally a working solution was found. It has since been backed up by clinical studies as well as by the findings of prominent scientists such as Professor Pavlov, the head of the Russian Gastroenterologist society.

Today qwell is produced in Italy with the finest Alpine water and the best collagen to be found on the market. The qwell formula is quite unique and is in the process of being patented.
From the humble beginnings to now qwell already has 3 product lines and comes in 6 different variants – Daily line which includes qwell Daily and qwell Magic Rose, Lifestyle line – qwell Beauty and qwell Shape, and the new Urban Detox line – collagen infusions that come in two flavours – Wild Berries and Lime&Ginger. With more to follow very soon!

By the end of this year qwell will be available in many more countries in Europe and the Middle East.
But in spite of its obvious and scientifically proven benefits qwell is not just a functional brand! qwell stands for an active and healthy lifestyle that is being embraced by more and more people around the globe. In fact many qwell users are not consumers in the traditional sense. They are fans!
After having been on the market for just a brief period this is a great achievement that makes all of us very proud. And it encourages us to continue on our path with even more determination!