The research is made by Peptan®, the official supplier of hydrolysed collagen peptides to Qwell. It estimates that the global functional food market will reach a value of at least US$130bn (approx €104bn) in 2015.

The industry continues to go from strength to strength as today’s health conscious consumers become increasingly aware of the multiple benefits that nutritionally enhanced foods and drinks can provide. With this wealth of new opportunities, manufacturers are looking for ingredients that can not only deliver the clear health benefits consumers require but can also be cost-effectively and efficiently incorporated into a range of products suitable for a variety of markets.

Collagen peptides – which offer scientifically proven nutritional benefits, from support with joint and bone health, to the promotion of healthier skin – are an example of such an ingredient. Some of the key research demonstrating their effectiveness across a number of consumer health concerns are highlighted below.

Peptan – Collagen Peptides

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