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Useful information


qwell consumers have reported these benefits:


* The skin appears to be overall healthier, with reduced dryness, higher elasticity and a youthful glow
* Reduced joint- and muscle pain after extensive exercise
* Healthier, stronger and faster-growing hair and nails
* Improved thickness of nails with less splintering
* Overall improved energy level



Collagen – the background story


Collagen is a structural protein and a very important one! It amounts to 30% of all proteins in the body, which makes it the most abundant of them all.




Collagen is also the single most important component in all connective tissues, from the smallest cell to the biggest human organ, the skin.


Therefore the collagen level in the body has effects that are both visible – skin, hair and nails, and invisible – overall health-state, cell-repair cycles, bone density and fat-metabolism.

On average a healthy human body produces collagen until around the age of 40. But a decrease in this natural production may already begin in the 20s!Qwell_Charts_Protein_Deficiency_EN


Usually by the age of 60 the natural collagen production has dropped to a point when a full compensation is no longer possible.
The effects that come with declining collagen levels are again visible as well as invisible:





The most obvious one is on the skin: As the collagen matrix in the dermis degenerates it breaks up and increasingly loses its capacity to maintain hydration.


Consequently the skin feels thinner, loses its elasticity and forms wrinkles and dry patches. A lack of collagen will also show in the hair and the nails.


Less visible but maybe even more important are the effects on cartilage in the joints, on ligaments and tendons, on the duration of repair cycles and muscle regeneration.
In summary it is fair to say that a reduced collagen level will affect both the outward appearance and the overall physical wellbeing.


However, while these consequences are perfectly natural and will eventually catch up with all of us they can be slowed down and or even interrupted for a limited time!


The key is to provide your body with collagen from outside! Because not only is it possible to replenish the depleted depots, the intake of collagen from the outside will even stimulate the body’s very own natural collagen production!


qwell collagen water – science at work


The patent-pending production process of qwell collagen water utilizes only the purest water and the highest-grade Peptan® collagen. Peptan® collagen consists of carefully controlled natural bioactive peptides of unique purity that are taste- and odor-neutral.


Peptan collagen peptides are manufactured in a gentle enzymatic process to ensure the precise degree of hydrolysis and optimal molecular weight that is essential for a rapid absorption and transportation in the body to where they are most effective.


But on top of replenishing the body’s own natural collagen depots drinking qwell collagen water also stimulates the body’s own natural collagen production. It is this dual action that makes qwell a very effective contributor for rebuilding your collagen matrix! Studies show that this is the most effective way to ensure a sufficient collagen level.


So by drinking qwell daily you can rebuild and sustain your collagen matrix for a youthful looking healthy skin. And at the same time qwell will help to protect the infrastructure of your musculoskeletal system which is essential for your mobility.


28% skin hydration enhancement with qwell collagen water


Studies show that from the age of 20 the skin loses 1% of its collagen every year. As the collagen matrix in the dermis degenerates it becomes brittle and increasingly loses its capacity to sustain hydration. Consequently the skin gets thinner, loses elasticity and starts to sag and wrinkle. However, the naturally reduced collagen level is not the only cause for aging skin! Environmental pollution, an unhealthy lifestyle, UV rays – there are many more factors that can damage collagen fibers, limit hyaluronic acid production and therefore lead to decreased skin moisture.





Qwell collagen water is specifically designed to effectively compensate collagen deprivation and its effects.


A double-blind placebo-controlled trial with 33 middle aged women in Japan showed that the Peptan® collagen (used in qwell!) increased skin hydration by 28% after eight weeks. 91% of this research group reported a higher skin hydration level during the same period.




So qwell collagen water with Peptan® peptides will support the structural integrity of the skin’s collagen matrix which is key to a youthful, healthy appearance.


Always going strong. With qwell collagen water.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and the key component in all connective tissues – it is a major building block for the skin, the bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. It basically provides the infrastructure of the entire musculoskeletal system and is therefore essential for your mobility.


That is why consuming qwell collagen water regularly will help you to achieve significant health benefits like enhanced bone density, reduced joint pain after exercising, quicker muscle regeneration and consequently an overall improved fitness level.


Everyone knows about the importance of always staying hydrated. With qwell from now on staying hydrated comes with an extra benefit.


qwell leading innovation


qwell is a true next-generation functional beverage. Its recipe is unique – with its combination of premium collagen and pure water qwell is the first of its kind. It is special also because of the high-end production and the scientific approach.


But what makes qwell really innovative is the thinking behind the brand! As a product qwell is 100% designed to answer to the demands of todays consumers! qwell is convenient because it combines two essential elements in one product. qwell is accessible because it is inexpensive and open to everybody – hedonists and party-people, athletes and health-nerds, women and man, young and old.


The truth is, we want you and you and you to feel just qwell!
And that’s the real innovation behind qwell.