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Qwell shape collagen water is specially designed for those who want to maintain their good shape!

Qwell Shape is a unique combination of mineral water with unique mineral composition, high quality hydrolyzed collagen and optimal combination of valuable vitamins and minerals needed for the perfect workout. A drink with a refreshing taste of pomegranate and 100% preservatives – free.

Qwell beauty collagen water is specially designed for all who want to preserve their beauty!


Qwell Beauty is a unique combination of mineral water with unique mineral composition, high quality hydrolyzed collagen and optimal combination of valuable vitamins and minerals that protect beauty in the best way!

Qwell Shape and Qwell Beauty are developed by leading scientists, produced in high-end facilities and with mineral water from a spring  DAGGIO, Primaluna (Lecco), Italy.

The spring is located in the Alps, in the municipality of Introbio (Leko province) in northern Italy, and is the highest natural spring in Europe, located at 1,935 meters above sea level.

Qwell – so many benefits!

Younger looking skin


The skin reflects the stresses and strains we encounter in our daily lives. Direct sun, lack of sleep, emotional stress, alcohol and nightlife, aggressive cosmetic products, physical exercise – our skin remembers everything. Qwell can help to reduce these permanent effects even in young skin!

3.1Reduced wrinkles and crinkles


To a large degree the aging of the skin is caused by a natural depletion of the body’s collagen depots. While this effect is eventually inevitable for everybody it can be slowed down and sometimes even stopped for some time – simply by drinking qwell collagen water every day.

Men_plank_2Higher Performance


Collagen plays a critical role not just for one or two but for multiple metabolism processes. Consequently a lack of collagen can lead to a reduced overall performance. So for a better energy-feel try qwell.

Тестостерон_1Muscles need collagen


Collagen influences the build-up and the regeneration of muscles and joints. So a sufficient supply of collagen is particularly important when exercising intensively. This makes qwell the perfect training beverage for athletes and fitness-lovers.

Stronger bones


With age the reduced level of collagen in the body can lead to lower bone-density with an increased risks of fractures – particularly for women! Qwell can help to avoid or at least to reduce these risks.

12994388_1089115327821279_7143685348542406155_nFinally: It is so easy!


Your body needs collagen. And your body needs water. Why not give him both at the same time?

QWELL is pure science

Qwell was developed with considerable efforts to ensure that the most advanced scientific standards are met at any time.


The critical relevance of collagen for the human body and the effects of collagen-deficiency were extensively analyzed and confirmed in multiple international studies.


We are therefore pleased that thanks to the high-end production of qwell we can now make healthy collagen water accessible in an effective way for everybody, man and women, young and old, hedonist or athlete.

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New international collaboration with PepsiCo!

We are proud to announce that out of hundreds of applicants, Qwell was chosen as one of the finalists in PepsiCo’s Nutrition Greenhouse Programme 2018.
Another great step forward in Qwell’s international success story!

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