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Collagen water
100% natural and preservatives free

QWELL is a unique combination of the finest Alpine water with mineral composition, high quality hydrolyzed collagen and optimal combination of valuable vitamins and minerals.
QWELL’s functional beverages are developed by leading scientists, produced in high-end facilities and with mineral water from Daggio spring. The spring is located in the Alps, in the municipality of Introbio, Province of Lecco, in Northern Italy, and is the highest natural spring in Europe, located at 1,935 meters above sea level.


QWELL DAILY water with collagen is created for anyone who wants to maintain good tone and be energized every day. Collagen plays an irreplaceable role in almost all the vital processes of our body. That is why its deficiency may be the cause of the deterioration of the comfort of life. To feel good in your body and enjoy good health, good looks and self-esteem – trust QWELL!


Qwell was developed with considerable efforts to ensure that the most advanced scientific standards are met at any time.

contained in the hair tendons, joints & bones builds the dermis


QWELL BEAUTY water with collagen is specially formulated for all who want to keep their beauty!
Premium collagen and the optimal combination of valuable vitamins and minerals take care of your beauty in the best way possible. Thick and bulky hair, healthy nails and beautiful skin – these are just some of the benefits when consuming QWELL BEAUTY. A drink with a deliciously fascinating flavor of white peach and 100% without preservatives.


QWELL SHAPE Collagen Water is specially formulated for those who want to maintain their good shape!
Collagen stock is extremely important in intensive sports. It has a beneficial effect on the accumulation of muscle mass and the regeneration of muscles, joints and tendons. This makes QWELL the perfect drink for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In addition, QWELL SHAPE has an exceptionally refreshing pomegranate taste and does not contain preservatives.


As it so often happens the qwell story, too, started out as just an idea: In 2014 a group of enthusiasts from various disciplines and countries got together to create a new kind of functional beverage.

Unlike just any other soft-drink this new beverage would deliver a real tangible benefit that would be relevant for everybody while at the same time easily accessible.

This is when the idea of collagen water was born!


QWELL MAGIC ROSE water with collagen is specially formulated for those who want to maintain their youthful appearance.
High-quality collagen and bio-certified rose water take care of the youthful appearance of the skin and help the natural acceleration of metabolism. Be lively and active with QWELL MAGIC ROSE. A drink with a fascinating flavor of authentic Bulgarian rose and 100% without preservatives.